Visual Tester

Visual Fault Locator (VFL) is a critical tool used to visually locate breaks or in some instances, excessive bends in fiber optic cables while Continuity Tester (CT) enables you to easily verify light throughput (continuity) of a fiber optic link.

(A).Fiber Instrument Sales Inc, USA

    • F1-9000

Pocket Fault Locator – F1-9000

    • F1-9000VFL

Pocket Fault Locator – F1-9000VFL

    • OF-1000-UF

Visual Fault Locator – OF-1000-UF

    • F1-5000U

Fiber Optic Continuity Tester – F1-5000U


(B).EXFO, Canada

    • FLS-140

Pocket size pen-style VFL – FLS-140

    • FLS-240

Pocket Pal VFL – FLS-240


(C).Viavi Solutions, USA

    • OVF-1

Pen type VFL – OVF-1

    • FFL

Pocket friendly VFL – FFL


(D).Deviser, USA

    • VF-10

Pocket sized VFL – VF-10


(E).Wilcom, USA

    • F6230A

Pen-style Visual Locator – F6230A