Optical Microscope

It is an inspection scope that delivers a high quality end-face image at 200/400x magnification. Quickly identify scratches, dirt or other problems normally associated with poor network performance.


    • Scopio

Connector Inspection Device – SMX Scopio A/B

    • Manta-V2

SM/MM Inspection Device – SMX Manta V2

    • Manta-W+

Inspection Device – SMX Manta W+

    • Polaris

Benchtop Inspection Scope – Polaris


(B).Shenzhen Dimension Technology Co., Ltd., China


Handheld Android Inspection Microscope – Autocheck


Handheld Gun type Inspection Scope – Autoget


Portable Benchtop Microscope – Easycheck


Handheld wireless Inspection Scope – Easyget


Benchtop Inspection Microscope – Fastcheck


(C).Domaille Engineering LLC, USA

    • DE2503

Video Microscope with various magnifications – DE2503

    • DE3200

High quality visual inspection tool – DE3200


(D).Fiber Instrument Sales Inc, USA

    • F1-MS200U

Handheld Compact Microscope – F1-MS200U

    • F1-VM200USB

Desktop Video Microscope – F1-VM200USB

    • F1-VS200U

200x Magnification Microscope – F1-VS200U

    • F1-VS400U

400x Magnification Microscope – F1-VS400U

    • F1-VSF25

LED Fiber Inspection Scope – F1-VSF25