Fiber Identifier

Fiber Identifiers are rugged, easy-to-use test instruments that detect the presence of signals on optical fibers. It is an important tool for field technicians assuring that live fibers are not disconnected and providing the ability to trace fibers from end to end.

(A).EXFO, Canada

    • LFD-200

Live Fiber Detector – LFD-200

    • LFD-250B

Non-Intrusive Fiber Detector – LFD-250B


(B).Viavi Solutions, USA

    • FI-10

Optical Fiber Identifier – FI-10

    • FI-60

Live Fiber Identifier – FI-60


(C).Wilcom, USA

    • WILCOM-F6121A

SM/MM Fiber Identifier – F6121A

    • WILCOM-F6222

Advanced Fiber Identifier – F6222

    • WILCOM-F6225

Extended Range Optical Fiber Identifier – F6225