Toolkits – Optical Tool kits range from basic telecom tool kits to splicing and connectorization kits which helps a technician with materials to prepare and connectorize standard fiber optic connectors such as SC, FC & ST.

(A).Fiber Instrument Sales Inc, USA

    • F1-0053

Basic Fiber Optic Toolkit – F1-0053

    • F1-0053FS

Fusion Splicing Toolkit – F1-0053FS

    • F1-0053U

Universal Connectorization Toolkit – F1-0053U

    • F1-0053U0220

Universal Connectorization Toolkit with Oven – F1-0053UO220

    • F1-0053TS-ST

FIS Universal Test Set Toolkit – F1-0053TS-ST