Polishing Machine


APM-HDC-4000 features gauge display force, speed, and time settings. It allows the operator to adjust platen pressure to optimize the polishing process, as well as easily polish partially loaded jigs. After the setup is complete, minimum operator knowledge is required to run the machine. The operator simply loads the polishing fixture and presses a button to start one of four programmed cycles.


The Domaille APM-HDC-5300 is the most accurate, technologically advanced polishing machine in today’s market specially designed for complex multi-fiber applications like MPO or MTP. It has fully programmable pressure and speed ramp rates for smooth polishing process. Based on the number of connectors loaded pressure is then automatically recalculated to ensure that the individual connector force remains constant.


FPM-HAD-500/600 is a compact version of the advanced polishing machine, our field polishing machine can be transported for on-site fiber optic cable installation and emergency repair use.


GF-P150 – This is an automatic polishing machine with adjustable lapping speed. It is automated to record polishing time & cycles. Its slow start function ensures quality polishing with reduced loss and repair.


NEOPL-2000A polishing machine is the foursquare polishing machine. The polishing fixture size is 174mm x 174mm, and it is designed for volume fiber connector polishing. Its max capacity is 48 positions to polishing SC/UPC ferrules and 52 positions for LC UPC connectors.


Sun Telecom’s SUN-PM100L fiber optic polishing machine is a four corner pressure type (pressurized by the spring on four corners) polishing machine. It can polish several fiber optic connectors at one time. With the features of simple operation, high accuracy, high flexibility, and good consistency and is widely used in fiber optic patch cord production line.